Thursday, March 18, 2010

what i bought at borders and walle

two of my favorite non-clothing stores!
i bought the last song, just cuz i really wanna get into writing stylistically, and i know that spark's has a magical way of creating human emotion in his writing, something so skillful that i want to accomplish in my own writing.

i also bought a dictionary of medical terms, courtesy of house, cuz i love that show!

a dictionary of literary terms and literary theory just cuz i'm a literature lover, and probably gonna switch to an english major!

at walle is where i went on my art phase, i bought new watercolor paints that i desperately needed, i was planning on getting detail brushes, but the ones i have now is good enough.

i also got a superb graphite drawing kit with 10 different hard pencils, i like what it says, "use harder, lighter degrees for bolder strokes, cross hatch a series of lines to achieve a dimension or to shade," very artistic and inspiring! can't wait to use them!!

a cool flexible fivestar notebook that i'll use for ideas and stuff for writing, along with beloved postits!

and a real sketchbook! not using printer paper or folder paper anymore, lol i'm getting serious about expressing myself in art, and i do wanna get better at it :)

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